What if?

We have a "Wish List" ​of projects and initiatives we'd like for Tring.   Looking ahead there should be no limits to our ambitions and we're keen to hear your ideas.  For example, in recent meetings, people have asked:  "what if all of the take-aways in Tring used compostable containers?", "what if Tring was powered by windmills, like it once was?" and even "what if all the energy I burned in the gym was put to practical use for something?".

Do you have an idea for what a better, more sustainable, Tring looks like?

Tell us all about it....just type your idea into the box below and press Submit.  We'll collate everyones suggestions and follow up later in the year - watch out for a blog article on this and plans on how to turn ideas into real, practical action in Tring and the surrounding villages. 


*email is only for us to follow up, if you's like, and will not be shared.