We've collated a list of links to other sites and materials that can help with your own efforts to to live in a more sustainable and resilient way.

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Be inspired by what other local transition towns are doing:

Chesham,  King Langley, Abbots Langley, Berkhamstead.

You can learn more about Transition Towns in the UK and around the world at The Transition Network


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Tring in Transition is supporting the "52 Climate Actions" initiative - an easy to use "toolkit" of ideas to put into action.


You can find out more in our blog post about this here, or go direct to the 52 Climate actions website.

If you'd like to start using the internet in a more environmentally aware way you can see our article "The Internet and the Environment" and/or start using the Ecosia search engine.

Or try our "12 green days of Christmas"

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There are 1000s of active climate and environment related groups on Facebook, these are a few that are relevant locally:

Green Tring - sharing many great local ideas and building a community of like-minded people.

Our own groups are Tring in Transition and

Tring Community Garden.




A growing number of Apps make it easier to start living the sustainable, resilient lives we aspire to.  We'll be adding to this in months ahead.

First, this is a challenge for you!  The National Grid ESO (Electricity System Operator) have a great little app that shows how much of our energy is carbon free in real time.   We haven't figured out how to link to it yet......but you can find it by searching for "nationalgrid ESO".


And we like the "Grown Your Own" app by the RHS.



Too many to list, but here are a few we work with and/or do good things with.


Tring Together  All about making life better in Tring


Justice & Peace Tring   Doing great work on Fairtrade, listing where to buy locally produced food and much more.

There's also great local and generic information on Dacorum's website:

Top green tips , Climate change and sustainability



A growing number of global, groups champion the cause for environmental action relating to climate change, sustainability of world resources, pollution etc.

These are a few we like for different reasons.

Extinction Rebellion are taking a very strident and visible message to the streets are proactively raising awareness.

Through hands-on action the Ellen MacArthur Foundation demonstrates how circular economy ideas have a key role to play.

See our relevant blog posts...