What do we stand to lose?

There is now only two weeks to go before the deadline to respond to the Dacorum Local Plan is reached. (Find out more about the Plan and how to make your voice heard in our article here).

We'll update you all with a summary of discussions between the many local groups and organisations that oppose the plan (in fact - we've yet to find anyone in favour of it, with the possible exception of the Speculative Developers who own the land proposed for building!!)as soon as possible. In the meantime we'd like to share a few amazing 360-degree aerial photographs (taken with the appropriate permissions) over just some of the land that might be lost forever. We've also got an overhead image of the sort of dense, clone-like, development that is proposed to replace these green fields - with hardly any allowances made for energy efficiency, retaining/improving wild and green spaces etc. Of course it's not just green spaces we stand to lose. The entire character of the town will change - and not for the good either. The Local Plan also entirely lacks any vision for improving the life for existing Tring residents.

As it stands the Local Plan is no more than a vehicle to accommodate vast and unjustifiable increases in housing. Tring is being forced to take the brunt of Dacorum development in an area least well suited to it. The assumptions around the proposed building works are out of date, flawed and incomplete. The Local Plan will bring stress and congestion to the roads around our town, put pressure on stretched fresh and waste water systems, and impose inappropriate changes to the town centre....it really lets all of us who live in Tring down badly. So please do speak out and insist on something better and more appropriate. Click on the links below for 360 degree, aerial photos of: Above Dunsley Farm

Above Cow Lane + Dunsley (1)

Above Cow Lane + Dunsley (2)

Above Cow Lane

Above Marshcroft Lane

What development that does not take the local character of the town looks like....

Above Aylesbury Road

Please feel free to email any questions or thoughts to transition@tringintransition.org.uk

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