Tring Climate Event 2019

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

We're really excited to be co-organising this great event in Victoria Halls (and elsewhere in Tring) on October 26th, 10am till 3pm. Led by Tring Town Council with support from Tring in Transition, Green Tring and XR Tring we'll be bringing together dozens of talks, posters, and stalls on food energy, lifestyle, schools, plastic, ecology and travel.

Local shops and businesses, schools, individuals, scout groups and a wide range of organisations are be taking part - and there will be activities, refreshments and more.

Topics covered are as diverse as future plans for Tring and Dacorum, sustainable foods, cloth nappies, rail transport, electric cars and bikes, stay-cations, ecology, local business practices, low carbon technology, school eco practices, recycling, repair sheds, the community garden, community travel, saving home energy, saving water, renewable energy, the mayor's covenant, fair trade, children's activities, local ecology, selfie-frame fun, eco-homes, sustainable Wigginton, permaculture, "52 climate actions", being greener, "grow your own", carbon offsetting, Passivhaus, science of climate change, forest gardens - and even more!! UPDATE The following displays will be set up in the main hall. In addition there will be displays of electric cars and bikes in Church Square and Akeman Lane.

1. Tring Information Centre - Bus & train transport

2. Tring in Transition/Town Council - Mayor's Covenant; Council's actions

3. Tring Allotment Society - Grow your own

4. Tring in Transition - The Community Garden

5. Permaculture - Permaculture's 52 Climate Actions

6. Arriva - Bus travel

7. Dacorum Borough Council - Recycling

8. Tring & District Local History Soc - Transport: a historical perspective

9. Sustainable Wigginton - Sustainable Wigginton

10. Extinction Rebellion - Extinction Rebellion

11. Green Square Home Energy Centre - Renewal energy sources for the home

12. High Street Baptist Church - Various & Eco-church

13. Chilfest - Making Chilfest 'Green'

14. Tring Brewery - Business Practices

15. Green Tring - Recycling, being greener, veg. recipes

16. Bishop Wood School - Travel ambassadors - sustainable travel

17. Tring Park School - Eco-Council

18. The Repair Shed - Recycling & Social Support

19. Ide Cremin - Cloth Nappies

20. Wild Tring - Ecology

21. Healthfare - Sustainable Foods

22. Justice & Peace Group - Fair Trade & Local Food

23/24. Tring School - Eco-policies and practices

The following is the current presentation timetable:


10:20 Justice & Peace Group Polly Eaton - Fair Trade & Local Food

10:40 Ide Cremin - Cloth Nappies

11:00 Jan Sisson, Tring in Transition - Thermal Imaging

11:20 Brian Kazer, Tring in Transition - Carbon Offsetting

11:40 Andie Stephens, The Carbon Trust - Science of Climate Change

12:00 Vicky Duxbury, Wild Tring - Ecology

12:20 Helen Waterhouse - Extinction Rebellion

13:20 John Allan, High St Baptist - Tring Community Fridge 2020

13:40 Andie Stephens, The Carbon Trust - Science of Climate Change

14:00 Nigel Crawley - Plant an Edible Forest Garden (Climate Action 12)

14:20 Andrew Herbert, Passivhaus - his experiences

14:40 Shelley Savage - Tring Talks & Walks

Spread the word - and we look forward to seeing you there.

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