TinT visits Cranfield

Tring in Transition was invited by Cranfield University to talk about Transition Towns across the world with their new Environmental Engineering and Environmental Management masters students.

Reimagining waste as a valuable resource that should be reused.

Cranfield University is a postgraduate and research-based university specialising in science, engineering, technology and management. It has established a global reputation for excellence and attracts students from across the world. We were invited to discuss the history and concept of the Transition Towns Movement with them on Thursday the 10th Oct - specifically their excellent Environmental Engineering and Environmental Management for Business MSCs.

One of the day's breakout groups discussing their top environmental challenges.

What a great day it was. It was very energising to spend time with students from China, Japan, Indonesia, Argentina, Nigeria, Kenya, Spain, France and the UK and talk about the many challenges we face to make our world a more sustainable and better place. All of them have dedicated their careers to some aspect of improving our environment.

Topics as diverse as waste management, political "reform", deforestation, remediation of land ruined by strip mining, air quality and renewable energy transition were on the table.

We're looking forward to continuing to spend time with these inspiring people - students and faculty alike - and perhaps there might even be a chance for Tring to do a project with them. Watch this space.

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