New local business providing solar PV advice

We've received this item from Jan Sisson who is a long time supporter of Tring in Transition and who was Chair of the Energy Action Group for a number of years.

Looking for some ‘solar assistance’? Sarah and Jan Sisson at Sunsible can provide Tring-based advice and support!

We are Tring residents – a husband-and-wife team - who have started a new local business. We support people who have solar PV, as well as people who want advice regarding the potential suitability of their house for a new system.

After 11 years in the utility-scale/industrial part of the solar industry, we really know solar

inside out, but it wasn’t until we had a problem with our own PV system at home that

inspiration struck: trying to find anyone sensible to come and take a look was nigh on

impossible, with installers only being interested in new installations, and the general

response to describing our problem being the standard answer ‘you’ll need a new inverter – I

can fit one for £3,000’!

Imagine taking your car to the garage with a minor problem and being told you’ll need to buy

a new engine?!

So, this gave us the incentive to start our business and offer the residents of Tring and

surrounding areas a more ‘Sunsible’ service. We also recently won a £1,000 business start-

up grant from Dacorum Borough Council, who were very interested to see what we were


We are focusing on two main things:

(i) Existing systems – we look at your existing PV system, carry out a detailed

inspection and performance check, wash your panels if needed, and give you a

report. If anything needs repairing, we can support you with that too, on a

sensible and reasonably-priced basis, involving a Tring-based electrician we are

partnering with if needed.

(ii) The potential for a new system if you don’t have one – with electricity bills going

through the roof, solar PV is an attractive proposition again with a payback period

of around 7 years for a well-sited system, in addition to the obvious

environmental benefits. With the solar electricity you generate, you will reduce

your bills and also reduce your exposure to future price rises. We are not an

installer, and we can give realistic and impartial advice, as well as a report

detailing the sort of system which would be best suited to your needs. This allows

you to shop around armed with information and avoid the clutches of the

increasingly high-pressure sales tactics of some installers.

We use our experience, technical knowledge, our drone if required, and a sensible approach

to give you solar assistance. Please get in touch if you need us!

Our motto? “Solar Sorted.”

Sarah and Jan Sisson / 07872 567850

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