Join us on May 17th

Are you interested in Tring being a positive, attractive place to live and work in the future?

We want to ensure local development is properly considered and sustainable, that we have reliable low-cost access to renewable energy, that we grow a vibrant local economy, and that we value and nurture our green spaces.

You’re invited to hear a discussion on our ideas and to share your own thoughts at an informal meeting at the Kings Arms on May 17th at 7:30pm.

There will be plenty of opportunities to chat and socialise afterwards. We want to use the opportunity to breathe new life into our goals and kick off exciting new projects we can all work on together.

Tring in Transition

- We’re a group of local people who make a hands-on, positive difference to Tring and its surroundings.

- We formed in 2008 and have worked tirelessly to embrace a more sustainable approach to local development and a need to take more practical care of our environment. And, as part of a wider national body of 'transition groups' we have access to resources and experts from across the UK and beyond.

- We’re a pragmatic group with a positive and constructive focus on real projects and making change happen - no matter how small or large.

- Through the years we've earned a great reputation as a group whose ideas and examples on shaping a bright future for Tring are worth paying attention to. We have an excellent working relationship with both Dacorum and Tring Councils and are featured in a case study at Cranfield University's MSc course in Environmental Management on how grass roots involvement should work.

- Our projects and initiatives are fun, rewarding, interesting yet aren’t demanding on the time and resources of our helpers.

- In our post-Covid world we want to grow and expand what we do in Tring and make a bigger contribution to our future.

- At our annual meeting on May 17th (don’t worry the formal bits will take just a few minutes) we’ll outline the areas we’d like to do more on. Your ideas and thoughts are welcome, and - if you want - there is the opportunity to join us and get hands on.

Areas of interest

If you’re interested in what we do, and in joining together with other like-minded people in the area, we’re keen to do more in the following areas...

- Energy. For several years we’ve offered a free 'thermal imaging survey' to help people identify where and how they can save on heating bills, we’ve also set up a (currently dormant) local energy company and offered advice on installing solar power and more.

- Local Plans. We’ve set out ideas for how Tring can grow and prosper and be a great place to live and have challenged the outdated thinking embedded in draft versions of development plans for Tring and its surroundings.

- Green Spaces and the environment. We’ve set up the community garden on Duckmore Lane, and are actively working on several other projects concerned with improving our local green environment.

- Repair Cafe. This has been a great success and we’re now looking to extend our monthly pop-up sessions to a permanent base.

- Local Events and Social Media. We want to inspire and inform as many people as possible about the work we do - your ideas and help on how best to do this are always welcome.

We look forward to seeing you on May 17th at 7:30 at the Kings Arms, Tring

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