The proposed huge expansion of Tring

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

As you may be aware Dacorum Council has published its “Local Plan - Emerging Strategy for Growth (2020-2038)” for consultation. This plan will drive major change in our borough. For Tring this is significant and includes the addition of 2730+ new houses, 1 new secondary school, 2 new primary schools, and associated retail, sport and industrial developments – almost doubling the size of our town. Public consultation will take place over fourteen weeks, Friday 27 November 2020 and the end of Sunday 28 February 2021. It is important that the opportunity is taken to review the proposals and engage with Dacorum Council to change and improve them as appropriate.

The plan builds on the 2017 draft which Tring in Transition commented on extensively. It is encouraging that 95% of the points we made have been accepted and reflected in the latest version, however:

  • Key and important environmental points remain open.

  • Previous comments were made based on a growth target of only a quarter of the houses and significantly less loss of Green Belt land than are now proposed.

  • The proposed areas for development have both changed and grown considerably – with greater ancillary impact on surrounding land and infrastructure.

  • Other key assumptions about the local economy, the environment, climate and sustainability have already moved on and will continue to change significantly.

The National Government has announced changes to the algorithm used to calculate housing growth for councils and this may reduce the numbers planned for Tring, however, however even if this central mandate is relaxed the essence of the Local Plan is not likely to change by much.

Tring in Transition has already started work on a fresh review of the latest plan and intends to poll the views of other local groups who share an interest in seeing our town grow in a responsible, sustainable and well considered way. More on this soon.

If you’d like to find out more about the Local Plan the following are good sources of information.

1. A very high level summary of the plan can be found here:

2. The council home page provides much more comprehensive information about the plan can be found here: Note that the plan itself is over 300 pages long (although many sections apply to other parts of the Borough and can be skipped through). Hard copies are available for loan at Tring Library Links to associated “Sustainability Appraisals” can be found om the same page and links to other “Evidence Based” studies that shaped the plan are here:

3. Because of Covid restrictions a virtual exhibition has been created. It will be available after 5pm on the 27th Nov and can be found here:

4. Consultation review comments should be submitted online but you can find a summary of the process and a hard copy of the standards comments form here:

We have also copied the standard questions asked by the council as part of the consultation below.

Dacorum Council have posed the following questions to structure any review comments. These should ideally be cross-referenced to the appropriate sections of the Local Plan and/or other documents:

1: Do you think the overarching vision, the vision for Dacorum’s places and the strategic objectives are right for the Borough?

2: Do you have specific comments about the Sustainable Development Strategy?

3: Do you have specific comments about any of the Guiding Development policies?

4: Do you have specific comments about any of the Delivery Strategies?

5: Do you have specific comments about any of the Proposals and Sites?

5A: Are there any other sites that you think should be included in the Plan?

6: Do you have any comments on the Sustainability Appraisal that accompanies the


7: Do you agree that the Evidence Base that accompanies the Plan is adequate, up-to-date and relevant?

8: Do you think the Plan is consistent with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and supporting guidance?

9: Do you have any other comments on the Plan?

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