Draft response to Dacorum Local Plan

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

A good Local Plan should steer positive developments to build and shape the sort of Tring we want to live in. Unfortunately the draft Dacorum Local Plan falls some way short of this and is a cause of serious concern.

We all have only until February 28th to respond with feedback and comments. You can find drafts of our detailed and summary response to Dacorum Council below.

The headlines are.....

  1. The proposed increase in housing numbers (over 2700) are not justifiable for Tring.

  2. Green Belt land has been given up far too readily for development, instead of using supportable evidence to push back on the government.

  3. The plan is not nearly explicit or proactive enough in improving the local natural environment, is not distinctive and, in general, lacks vision for the future of Tring.


We encourage you to take some time to look through the plan and make your own objections AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. See our article on how to do this: "Save Tring Now".


You can also see a draft copy of our full response. This is a 31 page document formatted to answer each of the 9 formal questions posed in the official feedback form.

TinT LP response V0.9a
Download DOCX • 3.04MB

You can also download a PDF version of the summary presentation materials in the slidshow above, here:

TinT LP overview and summary objections
Download • 7.45MB

And please remember to add your own voice as part of the consultation process before the end of February. See our article on how to do this: "Save Tring Now". THANK YOU

If you have any comments on any of the above please email us at transition@tringintransition.org.uk


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