Climate change - what do we know?

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

"The Science of Climate Change" presentation, by Andie Stephens at the Tring Climate Event, was so popular we had to run it twice. See it below.

Andie presented a very down to earth, well researched, account of what we know about the role of greenhouse gases in particular, the impact they are already having and - of concern to us all - what the inevitable future trends will look like. It was especially good that Andie let the outcomes and findings of repeatable research speak for themselves and was also happy to discuss the the various challenges and push-backs sometimes put forward by those not yet convinced that man-made greenhouses gasses are the main driver of the changes we are steadily starting to experience.

The following is a link to a PDF version of his excellent presentation.

Andie Stephens during the second of his two great presentation slots

Up front Andie noted that "If you don’t have 10 minutes then try this: 'Climate Change in 60 seconds' – The Royal Society"

The Royal Society is one of Britain's most venerable institutions and the world's oldest independent scientific academy dedicated to promoting scientific excellence - and there climate and environmental resources on their web site are well worth looking through.

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