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Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Do you want Tring to nearly double in size?

Do you want buildings to extend from the town centre to the Grand Union Canal, covering Dunsley Farm and all the fields along Marshcroft Lane? Dacorum Council's controversial Local Plan is opposed by Tring in Transition, Tring Council, and virtually every other local group with an interest in Tring's wellbeing.

Click on the slideshow above to find out more. You'll see that much of the Plan is based on outdated data and assumptions, feels "developer led", and lacks any distinctive vision or ideas to retain and improve Tring's character or improve life for those already living here.

If each of us does not object, the Plan will:

  • Build 2,700+ new houses, roads and associated services:

  • Increasing the size of Tring by 55% more households.

  • Destroying the character of the town - replacing much of it with a generic, clone-like and unsympathetic, developer led sprawl.

  • Destroy much of Tring's surroundings and Green Belt:

  • Uprooting ancient hedgerows and trees, including Marshcroft Lane.

  • Negatively impacting the quality of our countryside, wildlife and environment.

  • Needlessly increase Tring’s carbon footprint:

  • Bringing more cars (almost 6000!) and lorries to our roads.

  • Missing opportunities to improve energy efficiency in new builds.

Tring in Transition has reviewed the Local Plan in detail and found many areas of serious concern. We will be submitting our own formal objections. We urge you to do the same.

How you can help defeat/change this Plan

You can make a real difference by letting Dacorum Council know your views before February 28th.

Here are several quick and simple ways to do this. DBC state that all representations will be accepted and considered - but you must include your name and address.

  1. Download forms by clicking on these links: Simple PDF, or Simple Word Doc.

  2. Complete these forms, save then and either : Respond by email to Or respond by letter to: Strategic Planning and Regeneration, Dacorum Borough Council, The Forum, Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP1 1DN These simplified forms allow you to comment only on the part of the Local Plan that covers the proposed development sites around Tring. To respond on other parts of the Local Plan or supporting documents, do the following

For a more detailed response to the Council

  1. Download the full response form from Dacorum's site here. (If that doesn't work - try this copy) As above you can email your completed form to or send to the planning office by post.

  2. Register online and use the dedicated portal at This will allow you to comment on any and all parts of the Local Plan and/or to additional comments and suggestions to the Planning Team.

If you are struggling with filling in a form or responding in general - feel free to email us at


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