52 Climate Actions

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Tring in Transition is supporting the "52 Climate Actions" initiative, designed by a consortium lead by the British Permaculture Association, to make taking local, personal action on climate change easier and more accessible.

You can think of '52 Climate Actions' as a toolkit of easy, accessible ideas, divided into the following themes:

By focusing on individual and community action, this project emphasises the power and responsibility we all have to take meaningful action on climate change. Of course, governments and businesses need to radically overhaul the policies, processes and financial structures that have led to climate change, however, each and every one of us can, through daily choices in our shopping, eating, travelling and domestic energy use, take powerful action. In doing so, we not only take greater responsibility for our own lives, we also increase pressure for positive change by governments and businesses.

You have the power to bring about positive change. Every action makes a difference, so start today with the theme that inspires you most. Visit the dedicated website www.52climateactions.com to find out more or to make your own start. If you'd like help or have any feedback on this please get on touch with us at transition@tringintransition.org.uk.

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