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A sustainable Tring, with a healthy local economy, leading the way and showing how a small town can be thriving community with a low ecological impact, needs a joined-up effort to realise.   

Tring in Transition champions community led projects and we also take positive steps bring local and regional governments and other entities with us to shape policies and set priorities that help.

We've established constructive and valued relationships with councils and utilities - and have two representatives on the Tring Town Council Climate Change Working Party.

Working with many other local community groups we've communicated a positive message about changes that can make Tring both more sustainable and a better places to live.

We've ran workshops and activities with local schools and local colleges.

We also set up and ran the original, and very successful, Tring Eco Fairs and are co-organisers and supporters of this year's Tring Climate Event led by Tring Council 

Tring Eco Fairs

Other recent examples include being involved in discussions to develop a Station Plan for Tring Station.

Our proposals included that LNR aim to be carbon neutral by end of their franchise, solar PV panels for station buildings, EV charge points, electric bike charge points, and a recycling scheme at station and on trains

A history of shaping sustainable plans for Tring 

TinT has campaigned at national Government level; to Dacorum Borough Council; and to the rail franchise holder. We intend to maintain this as part of our scope.  We made substantial comment on the draft Dacorum Local Plan at the request of Tring Town Council, and intend to comment when the PreSubmission version is published.  It remains to be seen to what extent our comments are adopted.  We expect some will get push back from developers.  


Shortly before the draft plan was published, Govt published its consultative document on future housing levels.  That included a formula for calculating the number of houses needed.  We lobbied that this formula was fundamentally flawed, and why -- DBC picked up our point, and did the same -- to no avail.


Great success was achieved, before Transition Towns were established, TinT's predecessor (Tring Environmental Forum -- set up after the Rio 1992 Sustainability Agenda 21 Summit -- anyone remember that?) campaigned successfully in the mid 90's to get the then Dacorum Local Plan proposal to change use of Silk Mill Business Park and Akeman Street Business Park to residential zoning, rescinded by the Planning Inspector.  That saved several hundred local jobs, plus indirect support to other local businesses.  Silk Mill Business Park remains thriving 20+ years later.  Sadly, Akeman Business Park is being progressively turned over to housing, although its businesses, and the jobs created, were able to remain for 20+ years as a result of our efforts.

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