Duckmore Lane Community Garden        see our facebook page for photos

Also we have started a 'drop in' session on every Monday, 4pm-5pm in July, August and up to mid September. Getting together, keeping an eye on everything and collecting the produce!

Come and join us at the Communit
y Garden on the second Sunday of the month 10am-12. We're on the right hand side just inside the entrance to the car park, in Duckmore Lane.

We are developing the site using permaculture and no dig principles. It will be low maintenance, wildlife and child friendly.

Work parties
Things to bring, in general (see also below) gardening gloves, hot/cold drink, hoes, rakes, small forks (no need to bring all of these). Biscuits will be provided!
We have a coffee break at 11am and we ring a bell to let people know, it's a good time to come and join us for a chat.

Please see our Risk assessment for further information.

Our next workparty will be on
Sunday 13th August  10am-12noon

Our next workparty will be on
Sunday 9th July  10am-12noon

Looking forward to seeing some of you at Duckmore Lane on Sunday.

Things to bring, gardening gloves, hot/cold drink.
This time we will be using, forks, spades, hand tools so if you would like to bring a couple of tools from this list that would be great. However, we do have some spares at the site.

We'll be planting, mulching, weeding and enjoying the sunshine!

Barr Kazer

Sunday June 11th
Planting, mulching and weeding

Sunday May 14th
Mulching the area by the compost bins ready for planting.

Sunday April 9th 
Tidying far end of plot
Hoeing paths
Planting wildflowers
Topping up mulch

Sunday March 12th
Planting soft fruit
Sowing seeds
Improving the path
General tidying
Finishing tool store

Sunday February 12th

Planting soft fruit
Filling a raised bed,
Completing potting table
Laying base for tool store

Sunday January 8th

Planting soft fruit
filling a raised bed,
completing the wood chip path

Sunday December 11th:
Planting Apple, Quince, Medlar, Cherry.
Laying woodchip for a path.
Filling one of the raised beds.
Transplanting wild flowers, especially wild strawberries.
Leader: Chris

Sunday November 13th:
Start building potting table.
Dig holes for trees.
Scythe weeds.
Build compost bin.
Plant Spanish Comfrey.

Old gardening tools

If you have any old spare gardening tools, we would be very grateful for them. You can leave them in the porch at Green Meadows, Longfield Road, HP23 4DF - many thanks.

So far:

Wood chip has been spread on the social area.

Three raised beds have been constructed.

Wildflowers have been planted around the perimeter of the social area.

Clover is being used as a green manure in the forest garden area. This will improve the soil and act as a weed suppressant.

We are planting a row of Spanish comfrey along the line of the Duckmore Lane hedge as a barrier to weeds from the hedgerow. 

We have built a potting table, tool store, compost bin.

Planted fruit trees and fruit bushes.

Held activity sessions for Beavers and Cubs.

Duckmore Lane allotments Community Garden

Tring in Transition are working with Tring Allotments Association, Tring Town Council and Tring Together to create a Community Garden. This is being formed immediately to the right of the entrance gate.

We are developing the site using permaculture and no dig principles. It will be low maintenance and child friendly.

The basic plan is to have two areas.

The area nearest the gate would be for socialising, e.g. for the summer barbeque, enabling exchange of ideas, plants and produce. They will mainly grow annual vegetables. The raised beds are high enough to be used as seating and also to enable access for wheel chair users.

The area further in would become a forest garden, with a variety of short fruit trees, fruit bushes, herbs and other creeping edible plants.

If you would like to become involved with the project in any way, or have any helpful tips we would love to hear from you! Please contact us at